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JIFU Buddy
Passes ROCK!

JIFU Buddy
Passes ROCK!

Buddy Passes Help you save BIG on hotels, resorts and rental cars at
no cost to you. Zero, zilch, free.

With your JIFU Buddy Pass, you will have access to our exclusive savings
portal for 6 months. During that time, you can travel as much as you want.

You could save thousands!

For the casual traveler, you have nothing to lose and big discounts  to gain.

How can JIFU offer such BIG discounts?

Most Successful hotels
have 65% occupancy

JIFU members fill the
other 35% of unsold
rooms and the hotel
makes money on the
restaurant, bar and the
repeat business



"My family of 4 travels at least once a
month for business and for pleasure.
We plan to travel with 5 star taste on a
3 star budget with JIFU!"


"I've never seen anything like Jifu
before! My wife and I are building an
incredible bucket list of dream
destinations - places we've always
wanted to do...Jifu, where have you
been all our lives?"


"As a military family, we're constantly
moving around to new places. There is
always so mcuh to see and do, and Jifu
makes all these adventures so much
more possible for our little family! I'm
so happy to be able to truly allow my
kids to experience so many amazing
things as such a young age!"


"I Jifu with my boys at the four
Seasons, we travel even more as a
family of 6 because we get such great


"For this family of 6 Jifu has provided
the heart felt moments of life we all
desire. From watching our children
learn different cultures first hand.
swimming in the surf of the worlds
seas to breathing in the cold fresh air
on a chair lift. None would have been
possible without Jifu. Thank you!!"

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